Actioning Intel: Connecting Insights to Outcomes

Webinar | March 21st 2024, 2 PM EST

Turning intelligence into action is crucial for security teams, but it’s easier said than done. Join us to learn proven strategies for contextualizing data, enabling timely decisions, and driving better risk outcomes.


Scott Ashworth, Security and Resilience, Google

Nicole Headshot

Nicole Persaud, Head of Global Safety & Physical Security, Samsara


Frank Wood, Business Owner, Hawkeye Resilience Advisors

Matt fuller

Matt Fuller, VP of Sales, Base Operations

Join our webinar

Maximizing the Impact of Intelligence

In this webinar, our expert panel will discuss best practices across the entire threat intel lifecycle, from intake to analysis to action. Topics include:

Defining your orgs risk profile - Risk means something different to everyone and understanding your organization's unique vulnerabilities, priorities, and tolerance for risk is a key but often overlooked best practice.

Identify Critical Data Sources - How do you prioritize data collection to gain the visibility you need.

Contextualize Intelligence - Learn the importance of context when actioning insights based on your organization's unique risk appetite across people, assets, and use cases.

Enable Stakeholders to Act - Discuss techniques for delivering intelligence to leadership and key decision-makers to drive better outcomes for both security and the business.

During the webinar, have your specific questions answered by our expert panel and gain strategies you can implement immediately. Register now to optimize your end-to-end intelligence strategy and maximize your impact.

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