Join us for a Platform Walkthrough

May 30th 2024, 3 PM EST

| Witness the future of security intelligence in action.

At Base Operations, we continue to develop new ways to give security leaders data that helps them keep their people and assets safe.

We've recently built new features that make it even easier for companies to spot, understand, and visualize personalized changes in security threats and risks.

Join us on this casual walkthrough for a deep dive into all our latest improvements and see why security teams consistently call us a force multiplier. 

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You'll see how Base Operations can help you:

  • Visualize the threats that matter most
  • Deliver street-level insights to inform decisions
  • Provide tailored intelligence to optimize security strategies
  • Enable more accurate risk analysis backed by data
  • Dial into hyperlocal trends with our new radius-based change detection

This no-string-attached Platform Walkthrough is also an opportunity to ask questions, get insights, and hear strategies to help you implement more intelligent security for your team.

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